Madarsa Ilyas

Azad Chowk, Kiradpura

•  No. of students: 127
•  No. of Teaching Staff: 13
•  No. of Graduates: 253
•  Other Staff: 5


Administrative Departments of Jamia

For education and training, admission, examination all academic activities come under this department. It caters to the student's interest in learning and reading and to awaken them their dormant faculties and their all-round development, this body has been established. Every month this body meets under the headship of the Director of Jamia.

The Governing Body

Jamia Islamia kashiful Uloom is a registered institute bearing Registration No.519 the governing body is the executive body of the jamia with all executive powers

To create among the students a passion for strict adherence to the Quran and Sunnah, a sense of responsibility and sacrifice.

Advisory Body:

The advisory body consists of the country’s famous ulema thinkers and sympathizers of the Muslim community and wise man.


It is a very important office of the jamia. All activities are centered around it. Due to active functioning of this office jamia making great strides of progress in all the department.

Management Department:

This office is responsible for the supervision of more than 219 affiliated madrasas from all over Maharashtra. This department looks after the improvement and efficiency of the teaching staff of the jamia Establishment of Morning and Evening school in the region also comes under the previews of this department.

Building and Construction Dept.

This section looks after the construction of the building and extension of the existing construction work.

Dept for General Promotions and progress of Jamia:

This section deals with the introduction of jamia the promotion of its aims and objectives, the fulfillment of its plans, the availability of the funds, the formation of delegates fall under this department.

Academic Body:

Publication and compilation of books is the responsibility of this body. It also looks after extension lectures, translation of scholarly books of great academic value and books on the current topics and organizing seminars.



Madarsa Ilyas Azad Chowk, Kiradpura

·  No. of students: 127

·  No. of Teaching Staff: 13

·  No. of Graduates: 253

·  Other Staff: 5

Hifz Faculty for learning the Holy Quran by heart

·  No. of students: 146

·  No. of Teaching Staff: 12

·  No. of Graduates (Huffaz): 25

Hifz Faculty at Kashifabad (Mitmita)

·  No. of Students: 107

·  No. of Teachers (huffaz): 8

·  Other staff: 4

Jamia Tayyebat Jamia for Girls Juna Bazaar

·  No. of Students: 147

·  Lady Teachers (Alimiyat): 16

·  Graduate Girls: 342


Madarsa Hafsa Kiradpura

·  No. of Students: 71

·  No. of Lady Teachers: 8

·  Graduates: 116


Madrasa Ayesha KatKat Gate

·  No. of students: 156

·  No. of Lady Teachers: 11

·  Graduate Ladies: 136


Madrasa Ayesha Rauzabaugh

·  No. of students: 25

·  No. of Lady Alimat: 5


Jamia for girls Sabzi Mandi

·  No. of students: 62

·  No. of Lady Teachers: 3


Qiraat School Kalimiya for Girls, Kokanwadi

·  No. of Students Girls: 62

·  Lady Teachers: 3


Affiliated Schools

·  No. of Affiliated Madrasas: 52

·  No. of Total Students: 14256

·  Total No. of Teachers: 68

·  Total No. of Graduates: 8269

project at jamia

Construction and Other Development Works

  1. Construction of New Hostel
  2. Construction of Staff-Quarters
  3. Construction of a Lecture Hall
  4. Construction of Dining Hall
  5. Computer Centre Foundation
  6. Extension of the Hospital
  7. Construction of Guest-House
  8. Research Foundation for Prophet’s System of Medicine
  9. Technical Institute and Teachers Training Centre

 In view of the ever increasing number of students seeking admission at jamia, the present building of jamia is becoming inadequate. To fulfil this urgent need of Jamia 15 acres of land has been purchased at Mitmita, Kashifabad. On this land a grand edifice befitting for the Jamia is going to be constructed. To Execute this master-plan the services of an expert architect have been made available. According to the design drawn by the architect the estimate for the construction of the proposed building and for executing other plans there is an estimate of cores of rupees.

Moreover on Harsul Road at Jatwada an acre of land has been endowed to the Jamia. Construction of a mosque and building for Tahfeezul Quran (learning the Quran by heart) is under consideration.


Jamia in the eye of eminent persons (Opinions)

Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi:

I pray to Allah that may jamia make tremendous progress in its real aims and objectives and also in the circle of religious education and it may become the central institute of religious teachings and a university for theological studies of the Maharashtra and Deccan.

Hazrat Maulana Qari Mohamad Tayyab:

May Allah continue this font of knowledge and studies for ever and it may be availed by general people and the select as well.

Respectable Haji Baksha (SouthAfrica):

The new land of the jamia in the background of hills is telling the story of such a cradle of knowledge and training centre which in the real futures shall prove a torch that will guide the people.

Dr. Abdullah Abbas Nadvi:

Allh has bestowed upon Maulana Riyazuddin and his companions, to the president o jamia and his colleagues with a great inspiration and zeal. Hazrat Maulana Abul Hasan Ali nadvi used to sayL This jams in his view is just like Darl Uloom Nadwatul Ulama or its Department. Great expectations are associated with it. The love of Godly persons don’t go waste.

Maulana Mohammad Salim Qasmi:

In every respect jamia is reliable and dependable. During my conversation with the authorities of jamia I happily came to know that in respect of the curriculum also they progressively availing themselves of the experiences of other experts.