Special Hifz Facility Section at Mitmita, Padegaon

No. of Students - 180

No. of Teachers - 8

Other Staff - 4


Courses, syllabus and gradation:

The jamia follows the curriculum of nadwa up to Alimiyat (the degree year). After passing this examination for the graduation get admission in the fazeelat (faculty of Ulia-Sharia) at Nadwatul Uloom Lucknow.

After completion of a two-year course and passing the exam they are awarded the degree of fazeelat from nadwa.

Tha Academic Gradations are as follows:

Primary classes, Rauzatul Atfal, Primary, Secondary, Higher-secondary and Graduation.

Faculty of Hifz (Learning the Quran by heart)

A regular course of Hifz runs in the Jamia Islamia Kashiful-Uloom. Under this faculty 10 classes are being conducted. Apart from the main faculty of hifz at jamia under the supervision of jamia in various mosques of the city, classes of Hifz are running.

Quranic Phonetics ( Tajweed Faculty):

Under this faculty from primary to high school student and the students of faculty of hifz along with learning by heart and learning phonetics the students get practical lesion from expert Qurra ( the reciters of the Quran) with expertise in phonetics.

Departments at Jamia

Department of hifz and religious courses for the schools of General schools:

The director of jamia since long times desired to impart religious education to the student of contemporary schools and colleges so that they may be educated in both the system of education which is compulsory and mandatory of every Muslim student. With this end in view the jamia started a crash course for school and college students at jamia in which 585 students are being imparted under the supervision of expert and senior teachers. Now the people are insisting that those courses and classes should be extended to every locality of city Aurangabad, so that every school and the college-going student may avail himself of this benefit. But this plan could not be executed because of paucity of funds.

Department of preaching and corrective measures for society:

The functioning of this faculty is the improvement of the society, religious awakening among the people eradication of un-Islamic customs, introduction the people according to the Quran and the tradition of the prophet (PBUH) this faculty has been established. In the urban and rural areas, the student goes in connection with the Tableeghi activities to nearby places.

The Department of Islamic Jurisprudence:

Under this important faculty Mufti (Legal experts) give Islamic legal opinion or judgment (Fatwa) regarding daily problems faced by Muslim society. These fatwas are given in the light of Quran and sunnah.

Facilities Available

Student Union

This union's aims and objectives are to concentrates on extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of the students. Under Jamiatul-Islah following branches are functioning.

  1. Debating/Oratorical Association
  2. Sulaimani Association
  3. Cultural Association
  4. Journalism Association
  5. Reading Room
  6. Library
  7. Competition for Hifz-e-Quran and Recital with phonetics
  8. Hadis Competition Association
  9. Prophet’s Biography/life Quiz
  10. Grammar and syntax competition
  11. Association of Bait Baazi (Couplet Competition)
  12. Essay Writing Competition
  13. Prophet’s Eulogy Competition

Annadi Al Arabi:

Practice in Writing and speaking in Arabic It consists of the following sections.

  1. Address (Oration)
  2. Culture
  3. Reading Room
  4. Library section

Computer Classes:

To fulfill the demands of present times and advanced techniques in computer, computer courses are also conducted to the secondary and higher secondary classes at jamia along with practical training under expert teachers. Sitting for the MSCIT Govt Exam, these students obtain certificates also.


In this library there are invaluable books on exegeses, traditions of the prophet, Islamic law, principles of jurisprudence, Arabic literature, Urdu literature, Dictionaries, Legal Verdicts, Grammar and syntax, History English Persian Medicine Biography of the prophet Reportage in Arabic and Urdu, beliefs and arguments and other science and arts and reference book which come to about 30000 books.

Training Campus:

For the benefit of teaching the staff of jamia, its affiliated madarsa teachers prayer-leaders (Imams) and Muazzins, the teachers of Arabic madrasas and graduates from various educational institute, jamia every year conduct training campus. In these camps methods. Of conducts training camp. In this campus. Methods of education, the psychology of students, characteristics of a good teacher, creating interest among the students are inculcated among the trainees. Certificates are also conferred upon the participants of the Training Campus.