Academic Body

Education and training, admissions, examinations, and all academic activities come under this department. It caters to the students’ interest in learning and reading and to awaken their dormant faculties and their all-round development, this body has been established.

Upcoming Projects

Construction and Other Development Works

  1. Construction of New Hostel
  2. Construction of Staff-Quarters
  3. Construction of a Lecture Hall
  4. Construction of Dining Hall
  5. Computer Centre Foundation
  6. Extension of the Hospital
  7. Construction of Guest-House
  8. Research Foundation for Prophet’s System of Medicine
  9. Technical Institute and Teachers Training Centre

In view of the ever-increasing number of students seeking admission at Jamia, the present building of Jamia is becoming inadequate. To fulfil this urgent need of Jamia 15 acres of land has been purchased at Mitmita, Kashifabad. On this land, a grand edifice befitting for the Jamia is going to be constructed. To Execute this master-plan the services of an expert architect have been made available. According to the design drawn by the architect the estimate for the construction of the proposed building and for executing other plans, there is an estimate of crores of rupees.

Department of Jamia

Administrative Departments of Jamia

The Governing Body

Jamia Islamia kashiful Uloom is a registered institute bearing Registration No.519 the governing body is the executive body of the Jamia with all executive powers

To create among the students a passion for strict adherence to the Quran and Sunnah, a sense of responsibility and sacrifice.

Advisory Body:

The advisory body consists of the country’s famous ulema thinkers and sympathizers of the Muslim community and wise man.


It is a very important office of the Jamia. All activities are centered around it. Due to active functioning of this office Jamia making great strides of progress in all the department.

Management Department:

This office is responsible for the supervision of affiliated makatib from all over Maharasthra. This department looks after the improvement and efficiency of the teaching staff of the Jamia Establishment of Morning and Evening school in the region also comes under the previews of this department.

Building and Construction Dept.

This section looks after the construction of the building and extension of the existing construction work.

Dept for General Promotions and progress of Jamia:

This section deals with the introduction of Jamia the promotion of its aims and objectives, the fulfillment of its plans, the availability of the funds, the formation of delegates fall under this department.

Academic Body:

Publication and compilation of books is the responsibility of this body. It also looks after extension lectures, translation of scholarly books of great academic value and books on the current topics and organizing seminars.

Faculty of preaching and corrective measures for society:

The functioning of this faculty is the improvement of the society, religious awakening among the people eradication of un-Islamic customs, introductions the people according to the Quran and the tradition of the prophet (PBUH) this faculty has been established. In the urban and rural areas, the student goes in connection with the Tableeghi activities to nearby places.

The Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence:

Under this important faculty Mufti (Legal experts) give Islamic legal opinion or judgment (Fatwa) regarding daily problems faced by Muslim society. These fatwas are given in the light of Quran and sunnah.

Central Library:

In this library there are invaluable books on exegeses, traditions of the Prophet (PBUH), Islamic law, principles of jurisprudence, Arabic literature, Urdu literature, Dictionaries, Legal Verdicts, Grammar and syntax, History English Persian Medicine Biography of the Prophet (PBUH) Reportage in Arabic and Urdu, beliefs and arguments and other science and arts and reference book which come to about 35000 books.

Training Campus:

For the benefit of the teaching staff of Jamia, its affiliated madarsa teachers prayer-leaders (Imams) and Muazzin's, the teachers of Arabic madrasas and graduates from various educational institute, Jamia every year conduct training campus. In these camps methods. Of conducts training camp. In these campuses. Methods of education, the psychology of students, characteristics of a good teacher, creating interest among the students are inculcated among the trainees. Certificates are also conferred upon the participants of the Training Campus.

Academic Faculties Voice

Academic Body:

Education and training, admissions, examinations and all academic activities come under this department. It caters to the students’ interest in learning and reading and to awaken their dormant faculties and their all-round development, this body has been established. Every month this body meets under the headship of the Director of Jamia.